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I recently wrote a really fun post about Boho Hairstyles – The do’s and the dont’s – How to give your hair that effortless boho look with braids, loose beachy waves and messy buns, and what hairstyles to stay far away from if you want to maintain your fun boho style. Now I’m backing all that knowledge up with the top 10 boho hair accessories you are going to need to make that effortless boho hairstyle even more effortless.

10 Boho Hair Accessories From Amazon – All Under $20!

Boho Hair Accessories - Feather Headband

1. Hippie Boho Feather Headband – $6.99

The hippie boho headpiece is all handmade, with high quality PU rope, natural feathers and wood beads. This eye-catching lightweight design can add a natural and carefree element to any outfit. The head wrap rope is also adjustable and will fit any girl’s head over 3 years old.

Boho Hair Accessories - Satin Hair Scarf

2. Small Square Satin Scarfs, 12 Piece Set$13.99

100% polyester satin material and about 19.7 x 19.7 inches. Smooth and comfortable to the touch, these satin silk scarfs can be worn as a neck scarf, head wrap or even tide around your favorite boho bag.

Boho Headband Hair Chain

3. Boho Headband Chain Hair accessory, 4 Piece Set – $7.98

This 4 piece head jewelry set’s materials include Alloy, Pearl and Turquoise. Approximately 14 inches in length but can be adjusted. Perfect for dressing up an outfit or as a costume accessory.

Boho Turban Style Headband

4. Wide Boho Turban Style Headbands, 10 Piece Set – $15.55

The headbands come in 4 style, including 3 velvet hair bands with pearls, 3 chiffon flower Hair band, 2 fashion rainbow velet hairband and 2 leopard headbands.They’re functional, versatile, stylish and allow for easy, comfortable hair styling.

Boho Hair Accessory - Scarf Scrunchy

5. Hair Scarf Scrunchy Hair Bands, 12 Piece Set – $13.87

12 chiffon scarf-scrunchies in a variety of stripe and flower designs. The scrunchy ties around the hair like a normal ponytail and the scarf attachment either hangs on each side of the hair or tied up in a bow. Also comes off easily without damaging the hair.

Bohemian Style Yoga Elastic Headwrap

6. Bohemian Style Yoga Elastic Head wraps, 8 Piece Set – $18.99

Headbands are made of soft, milk silk technology fabric with good air permeability. Moisture conductivity keeps the head cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The headbands protects the head from heat absorption and exothermic property.

Wide Elastic Boho headbands

7. Wide Elastic Boho Headbands, 7 Piece Set – $17.99

Package includes 7 turban style head wraps in different colors. Soft stretchable print headbands with elastic fashion Tie Dye design. Approximately 19.5 inches around and elastic in the back of the band, which can be adjusted. The perfect size won’t let the boho hair wraps get loose or stretch out easily throughout the day.

Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies

8. Premium Velvet Hair Scrunchies, 60 Piece Set$8.45

These hair bands are made of high quality velvet, good texture, shiny and soft. Each hair band has a durable and elastic rubber band. Package includes 60 different colored scrunchies, enough for daily wearing or sharing with friends and families.

Boho Hair Accessories - Hair Extension Feather Clips

9. Handmade Boho Hippie Hair Extension Feather Hair Clips, 3 Piece Set – $11.90

Hair Extensions feather set has an easily attached hair clip, approximately 13″ in length; feather length: 3.1″- 5.9″. Colors include: Brown, Black and Khaki. A feather detail brings that effortless boho look to life.

Boho Chiffon Pleated Hair Scarf

10. Hair Scarf Chiffon Pleated Hair Scrunchies, 4 Piece Set – $15.99

The pleated scarves are smooth and soft although they are made of polyester yarn; because of their hi-quality, they are the best lightweight scarves for all seasons and feel like silk. Each wrap is very large, measuring at 27.5 x 27.5 inches long. Easily used to tie around the hair like a scrunchy or as a boho head wrap.

As far as Boho Hair Accessories go, this list is full of fun additions to your wordrobe that are both easily accesible and so affordable! If you look through my Instagram (just scroll down to the bottom of the page) you’ll see that I use the 10 pack of headbands all the time! Follow me for fun and casual boho look ideas!

Achieve All These Boho Hairstyles with Just 1 Magical Hair Accessory

BONUS!!! To achieve the perfect boho braids or pony tails, you just need one hair accessory – these little clear hair elastics by Goody. The clear elastics come in several sizes and will get those boho braids looking effortless because you really can’t see them among the loose waves and runaway hairs that will give you that quintessential boho look.

They are only $4.54 for this package of 250 in three different sizes. I just got these a few days ago and I cannot wait to try some of the famous boho hair styles.

Here are some of the looks you can achieve with these little elastics:

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