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Growing up in the 90’s, you were either team Backstreet Boys or team N’Sync, I was definitely Backstreet Boys all the way. I’m talking posters on all my walls, sticker collections, watching music videos with your fellow fan group and hanging on to every word of every song… I even had a tattoo (temporary of course) of Nick Carter on my arm. Cause I was cool like that.

Fast forward 20 years into the future, I’m obviously way over the dream crushes of my youth, but when your childhood friend calls you up and says “We’re going to the Backstreet Boys concert”, you don’t say no to that.

Last Month there was a show at Mohegan Sun Casino, advertised as a Backstreet Boys concert but was more like a compilation of an Unknown group, Gavin DeGraw (Who was totally amazing but no one knew he was going to be there and not too many people were as excited to see him as they should have been) and the Backstreet Boys.

At one point Gavin DeGraw actually walked through the crowd and we were like 10 feet away from him… Hands and phones were flying everywhere. haha.

Backstreet’s back alright! Yeah so they did 5 songs and then said “Thank you and good night everybody!” WTF … yeah people paid a boat load of money to see a Backstreet Boys concert and were very disappointing. Since my hubby is a major card holder at the casino, he was able to get us free tickets and a free room for the night. So for us 5 songs were better than none, and it was a night out for this tired mama. Not too shabby…

My childhood dream of seeing the Backstreet Boys in concert has finally come true, the 15 year old in me was very happy!