Now that we are all “Stuck” at home, It’s more important than ever to stay healthy. I know we’ve all seen the memes – ” We’re saving the world by staying home and eating Cheetos in our pajamas – Don’t screw it up!” and the hashtags #Quarantine15 (Like the #Freshman15… you get it).

We officially have access to snacks 24/7 !! and the best way to get through this, is to keep our fridge and pantry stocked with healthy food and healthy snacks. Granted, that is not always easy when you have kids in the house, of any age really, and I have a weak chocolate moment once in a while as well.

But if you start the day with a filling, easy, healthy breakfast, you might not feel the need to snack until lunch. One step at a time folks. I actually have several go to breakfasts that I absolutely love, one I posted a while ago about my Oatmeal Bowls which I’ll update soon, another is this little magical breakfast combination!

Eggs sunny side up over avocdo

2 Eggs sunny side up
1 Avocado chopped with a sprinkle of salt &pepper
1 Bagel (Any savory or plain – this one was spinach), lightly covered with a dairy free butter spread
Smoked Salmon, enough to cover the bagel

That’s all I need to hold me off till, well at least 10 O’clock! Bagel with lox and capers and cream cheese used to be my favorite breakfast, hands down. Since I went dairy free after the birth of my son

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