As a girl, I’ve always wanted one thing – a huge mirror – what girl doesn’t!?! Getting dressed for a night out and only being able to see half my body was not fun, and how far back can you really go to see your legs in the bathroom mirror? we’ve all done this girls, am I right.

Even as an adult I’ve dreamed of one of those big mirrors and not just for checking out my outfit but for straight up home decorating purposes, giant mirrors are cool. But for some reason I’ve been stuck with one of those $20 long slim mirrors you’re supposed to hang on your bathroom or closet door, but I was even too lazy to do that.

This is a stock image from Wal-Mart but it really looks exactly like this! And it’s fabulous. Feels much bigger than I thought it would be based on the measurements.

Well no more! I finally made my giant mirror commitment. Granted it was always tough to make the purchase because If I was going to spend a ton of money on a floor mirror, it has to be perfect, or at least pretty close. You know what was the most perfect part of this mirror? The price! $95 for a beautiful hammered metal frame 65″x31″ floor leaner mirror from Walmart.

Just to be clear the $95 was a sale price from Black Friday. It is normally $119, which isn’t a huge increase, but still. This mirror is also currently out of stock but wal-mart has a huge selection of floor mirrors for reasonable prices. You just need to know where to look. USA, LLC

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