I love shopping. In the store, online, really anywhere. So when I had my daughter, the desire to buy her everything in every color was wicked strong. Have you seen little girls clothes, they don’t make my clothes that cute! I wish I had her wardrobe.

I digress… So I bought her these super glittery rain boots. Now that my daughter is older, she has become a real big fashionista and likes to pick out her own things sometimes. I sit down with her and my Amazon and just scroll through until she finds something she likes, so the rain boots were completely her pick.

According to Amazon, they were called “Chillipop Children’s Glitter Rain Boots” so I was quite surprised when the boots came with a tag that said “Lilly of New York”. Not only that but they absolutely reeked of something that I can only describe as weed. Like it was literally made at a pot factory.

I put all that aside because my daughter really loved them but that love was very short lived, because not 3 days after we got them, she went to put them on her foot using the straps and one of them snapped right off. So very disappointing.

I immediately set up a return and also checked the reviews one more time, reading through it seems that we were not the only ones in that situation and many kids lost straps off their “chillipop” boots.

Long story short, these boots are a do not buy! If yo are searching for rain boots for girls however, check out Amazon’s selection of girls rain boots from all kinds of brands.

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