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If you are in the market for rain boots, there are so many brands to choose from, especially when it comes to children’s clothes and shoes. So I wanted to share our experience with Lilly of New York rain boots that we received from Amazon.

Our Rain Boot Search:

Now that my daughter is older, she has become a real big fashionista and likes to put together her own outfits and pick out clothes and shoes she likes.

So I sat down with her and just scrolled through an endless display of rain boots on Amazon until she found something she liked, that way I know I won’t get that confused look when they arrive at our doorstep.

It’s no wonder that this super glittery pair of rain boots caught my 6-year-old daughter’ eye, but, according to Amazon, they were called “Chillipop Children’s Glitter Rain Boots” so I was quite surprised when the boots arrived with a tag that said “Lilly of New York”. 

Not only was the name different, but the rain boots reeked of something that I can only describe as pot, you know, the green stuff that makes you super lazy and hungry for 7/11 snacks.

Should You Buy Lilly of New York Rain Boots?

I put all that aside because my daughter really loved them, unfortunately, that love was very short-lived, because not 3 days after we got them, she went to put them on her foot using the straps and one of them snapped right off. So very disappointing.

I immediately set up a return and also checked the reviews one more time, which I probably should have done before purchasing. It seems that we were not the only ones in that situation and many kids lost the straps off of their “chillipop” boots. Long story short, these boots are a do not buy!

What’s The Best Brand of Girls Rain Boots?

My daughter was still in need of rain boots so after that unfortunate experience, I did my due diligence and did extensive rain boot research. I was so excited to discover the Joules brand, which offers rain boots for the whole family, as well as matching cute outfits in a variety of fun patterns. 

Read all about the fun Joules Welly rain boots I found for her and myself.