Can be summed up in a few words – It’s not for the Faint of heart.

After two days of family parties, lots of food, and way too many presents for the kids, we decided to go on a small adventure and take the kids to NYC. My best friend and her husband decided to take their two kids to NYC for Christmas, why? Do not ask me, because that does not seem like a joyous time. Their kids are 6 and 3. Yeah you heard that right. 

It’s important to note that had they not been there, I would never decide to undertake said adventure. However, my best friend is in Miami and I don’t see her very often so any chance we get to have the families and kids join together, we take.

My husband had no desire to drive in NYC, so we drove to the train station in NJ, about 10 min. away from the city, took the train in and walked / carried the kids to their hotel near Times Square. Fun times. Several people on the train and the street actually asked me why I didn’t bring a stroller, and mentioned how I brave I was. A decision I was definitely regretting since my arm was close to falling off. 

From the hotel we took an Uber to the USS Intrepid, an Air & Space museum. To be honest I would have much rather have gone to a children’s museum where the kids could run around, but it was their vacation so whatever. So there we were, 4 adults, 4 kids, my son Max on his third day without a nap and they wanted to push lunch till after the boat. You can only imagine how cranky he was.

After lots of screaming, running away and climbing really narrow  and steep metal steps (where I nearly had a panic attack – partly because I’m claustrophobic and a navy boat is not the right place for me), Max finally calmed down when we went to a late lunch at Pete’s Tavern, a famous restaurant featured in Sex and The City.  

My girlfriend and I finally got that drink we needed all day, followed by a little shopping and a glass of wine at Wined Up, while our hubbies took the kids back to the hotel to jump on the beds for an hour. 

We got back to the hotel at 6pm, carried the kids back to the train station (where Max did some more screaming and running away), took the train back to NJ, and then enjoyed a two and a half hour car ride back home. Sheesh. The things I do for my friends. Next time, no kids, anywhere, ever. hahaha.Β 

So here is my advice to anyone who’s about to take on New York City in one day:

  1. Feed your kids at the appropriate time – last thing you want is a cranky kid
  2. Plan out your day – don’t go by the seat of your pants. By yourself, absolutely – Not with kids.
  3. Remember – you’re not actually going to enjoy your trip, you’re going to spend your day taking care of their needs first. As soon as you accept that and not stress out over what you want, the trip will go by a lot smoother.

Good luck! May the odds by ever in your favor!

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