It’s been said a million times… Oatmeal is so good for you! I would imagine that a lot people gag a little when they just think about having oatmeal for breakfast. I actually really like it, i know I’m a weirdo.

There are just so many ways to dress it up and change it up every day that it’s hard to get board with oatmeal. I know I sound crazy but just go with it for a minute. 

The base is simple – 1/2 cup of quick cooking oats, 1 heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed and water. I don’t have a specific water measurement, I just stick the bowl under the faucet and fill it up a little past the oatmeal line. Some people like it thick, some like it runny. however you like it, it is easy to adjust. 

Microwave for a minute and a half, then check your consistency. If it’s too runny add a little more oatmeal flakes, if its’s too thick, add some water – then mix. After doing this a few times, you’ll figure out where you like it. 

Next come the fixings, i like to stick with a mix of fruit, nuts and honey as my usual add-ons. Today I added raspberries, peanuts, sweetened coconut flakes, and of course honey. My mother in law has a bee hive in her back yard (long story haha) and is now handing out these awesome little honey bottles to her family and friends. 

And as always, a little tea in the morning with honey and matcha powder. I’ll go into that more in depth a little later.

To read all about the benefits of Oatmeal, check out this article from Healthline. 

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