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I LOVE SMOKED SALMON. Who’s with me??

Seriously though, I don’t know what it is about this salty raw fish but it just speaks to me. And somehow I was able to pass this love of smoked salmon to my very picky 2 year old son, who has been chowing down on it since he was about 1. My daughter on the other hand, would not touch it with a 6 ft. pole.

My favorite breakfast is… you guessed it. Toasted bagel with lox, tomatoes, capers and lettuce. Hold the onions and cream cheese please. They are so not necessary.

But with two kids and a busy schedule, we don’t all get to enjoy a big constructed breakfast. I still crave that smoked salmon though… So I just made the cutest little snack. Not kidding, it is really cute. English Muffin, smoked salmon a small Campari tomato.

I was just at the grocery store yesterday and Thomas’s English Muffins were on sale Buy 1 Get 2 Free! As great as that sale was, I couldn’t actually get them because, guess what? Thomas’s English Muffins are made with dairy, and I can’t have any. BUT, I found a better English Muffin in the bread Isle…

Fiber One Multigrain English Muffins –
Only 90 calories
8g of Dietary Fiber
5g of Protein
only 1g of fat and 2g of suga
and 0 dairy!

Not too shabby!

We also get this giant package of smoked salmon from Sam’s Club ( Join today and get a $20 gift card) that both Max and I devour pretty fast.

Sam's Club

And I absolutely love these little Campari tomatoes. I mean who doesn’t hate cutting into a tomato and having to store half a mushy tomato in the, fridge for who knows how long cause let’s face it, you’re going to forget about it! These tomatoes are perfect for 1 person to add to a quick snack.

And there you have it… An English Muffin and Smoked Salmon with a tomato. Sure I could add some seasoning, or a sprig of something or other just to make it look like it was made in a 4 star restaurant. But it really doesn’t need anything. The saltiness of the salmon and the sweetness of the tomato are just right. Oh and don’t forget to toast your English Muffin!


Happy Snacking!