Oh my goodness! This was such a delicious surprise. I feel like I’m always throwing things together for lunch since I’m always busy running around between feeding Max and walking Shadow and before and after extra activities and play-dates.

Fridays are usually a little more laid back so I grabbed some left over rice I made the night before, which was literally just white rice mixed with a tiny can of green chilies that I paired with chicken fajitas.

So I looked in the fridge and saw this pack of Al Fresco apple maple chicken sausage which is my absolute favorite chicken sausage (trust me I’ve tried a lot of them). I grabbed 3 of the sausages in the pack, sauted with some Pompeian Avocado oil spray and just dumped on top of the rice.

It looked a little blah and I wanted to take a really cute pic so I grabbed a Campari tomato and sprinkled with my favorite seasoning – McCormick vegetable seasoning.

And OMG! One of the most delicious random lunch I have ever made!

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Chicken Sausage With Rice
Such a simple lunch idea to put together
  1. Boil white rice (2 cups water per one cup rice)
  2. Mix in green chilies
  3. Chop chicken sausage into medallions
  4. Spray pan with avocado oil and saute sausage and add to rice
  5. Chop up tomato and place on top of sausage
  6. Sprinkle vegetable seasoning to your hearts desire