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It’s rare that I find a beauty product that actually works on my skin. In this case, Rosehip oil has done the trick, and I didn’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to smooth out my laugh lines. And let’s just say I laugh a lot!

I’ve tried it all, who hasn’t right? Everyone wants that miracle in a bottle, the quick fix, that makes you look like you rolled out of bed on a movie set.

I’ve tried Proactive when I was younger and Rodan & Fields when I was older (Same company by the way) and had no luck. For some reason, the magic that everyone experienced did not extend to me. I’ve bought the cheap stuff and the expensive stuff and let me tell you what I’ve figured out – everyone is different! With different skin, different skin needs. So the same branded products won’t work on everyone.

So instead of chasing the most popular brand that spends the most money on advertising, I’ve decided to go down to the basics. Natural Ingredients that may not have a magical effect, but at least won’t clog your pores full of chemicals.

Never the less, I am still hopeful that one day I’ll stumble onto something that will magically take all the “I’m almost 40” signs off my face and clear up my stress/ Halloween candy breakouts.

Is this it? Well definitely not a Halloween candy breakout cure but as far as my squinting wrinkles go, i’m open to the possibility.

My Brand of Choice – Pura D’or Rosehip Seed Oil

Pura D'or Rosehip oil has amazing benefits

I actually found this Pura D’or Rosehip Seed Oil in an Us Weekly beauty newsletter email. With almost 3,500 five star reviews on Amazon, this oil seemed to be a fan favorite in terms of actually delivering results.

100% Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. Cold pressed, Unrefined with no chemicals added…No SLS (Sulfates), no Parabens. Gluten free, hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free. Manufactured in the USA, and color safe.

How To Use Rosehip Oil

On Your Face

Gently massage into your face for about a minute after cleansing the skin. I usually wash my face, put my toner on, then apply the rosehip oil, followed by my eye cream and moisturizer.

Rosehip oil is gentle enough to use twice a day, so I follow the same routine in the morning, only I rub in Vitamin C drops into my skin after the rosehip oil, and before the moisturizer.

On Your Scalp

On the back of the Pura D’or rosehip oil bottle, the instructions say to rub oil into your scalp for about 2 minutes before washing your hair and it should have the same effect that it has on your face.

It’s anti-inflammatory and restorative properties should moisturize the the skin and heal any dry scalp issues, as well as promote healthy hair growth.

5 Benefits Of Rosehip Oil

5 benefits of rosehip oil for smooth skin

Rosehip oil is an absolute must have to add to your beauty routine, morning and night, for several reasons:

  1. Has nourishing fatty acids, great for moisturizing the skin
  2. Packed with anti-inflammatory fatty acids and vitamins A and C -Treating signs of aging and pigmentation, hydrating skin, tightening pores and repairing damaged skin.
  3. Potential solution for fading any facial scars or marks by rebuilding collagen and undoing oxidation damage.
  4. Fades skin hyper-pigmentation and potentially minimizes the appearance of fine lines and even stretch marks.
  5. This pure, natural, organic oil is supposed to restore elasticity, soften wrinkles and fine lines, as well as promote healing of a dry scalp.

Famous Fans of Rosehip Oil

This Rosehip Oil also has some famous fans – Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by rosehip oil and says she uses it every night to help her skin stay even and flawless. Kerr even started her own line of skin products called Kora Organics, some of which are infused with Rosehip oil.

Another lady who’s rocking that smooth face is non other than our royal beauty inspiration – Kate Middleton. Kate’s face is definitely flawless and her rosehip oil brand of choice is Trilogy’s Rosehip oil. If it’s good enough for a royal, it’s good enough for me.

My Experience

I’ve personally only used it on my face so far, not wanting to go crazy for Amazon promises and have all my hair fall out. The instructions on the bottle say to rub it into your skin for about a minute, after cleansing your skin.

Started doing that morning and night for a few weeks now and have already noticed a significant difference in the general smoothness and elasticity of my skin. My skin tends to dry out and look tired and ragged, especially in the winter, and this Pura D’or Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is going to be a huge help over the next few months.

Next up, I’m going to try it out in my hair – I’ll let you know how that works out! I’ll either go bald or have a full head of luscious hair. Fingers crossed for the second one.