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I’ve always had long brown hair, like literally always. For as long as I can remember myself, my hair was long, and brown. As I got older, I’ve gotten bored with my brown hair, it was a dull dark brown and had no pizzazz. The natural next step was to start dying it, at the young age of 15. I think that was the first time, my friend’s neighbor was a hairdresser and she took care of both of us free of charge for the Y2K party my friend was having. (If you’re not old enough,Y2K is New Year’s Eve 2000). My hair was dyed eggplant by the way. Good times.

Since then I have gone in many different directions in terms of hair color… lots of different variations of red, dark blue, dark purple and black. One time I decided to go blonde – by myself. Yeah that was a terrible idea. I had to use 4 hair dye boxes and it still came out orange at the end. It looked pretty cool for a while, but them my hair started growing out. Pretty sure I had a balayage before it was cool!

After dying it dark for so long, I got tired of looking like Morticia and decided to go gradually lighter. Highlights, thin highlights, first partial and now full. Took two and a half hours. I have a lot of hair lol.

The end result made me want to get a surf board and move to the beach. Ok so maybe I’m not that blonde, but I am definitely lighter, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll have so many highlights they’ll just blend together. Fingers crossed. They are for sure going to get lighter when I go to Miami this weekend. By myself. For a girls weekend. So excited.

More highlights please!!!