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The summer nail trends for 2020 don’t seem that much different than nail trends of any other summer – There are a lot of pastel variations, florals and a fun new nail trend – Ombre! Just like the ombre hair trend of one color flowing into another, the ombre nails have the same idea. Now imagine pastel ombre nails with a floral accent nail, and you have the perfect boho summer look for 2020!

If we go down to the very basic idea of boho beauty – It has to be effortless. While fun, eclectic and complicated nail designs with flowers and leaves may emulate the “nature” look of the boho aesthetic. The boho lifestyle doesn’t exactly promote getting your nails done at a salon every few weeks so that you can accomplish the boho look.

Boho beauty is simple and beautiful – Looking you just rolled out of bed, the gorgeous goddess that you are.

Same idea goes for your nails!

If you are not a salon kind of person than you can always try press on nails, that have all the beauty but without the effort. But you just have to decide how boho you really are. If you are full boho – no way are you putting fake nails on your fingers (or nail polish for that matter) but if you’re more like me – trendy boho with a twist – and your boho meter changes depending on your mood. All bets are off. Cause after all, being truly boho means you are free to make your decisions and not follow society standards, not even boho standards.

Effortless boho nails on trend for summer 2020

Cosmopolitan Summer 2020 Nail Trends

Cosmo has put together a list of 20 of the most popular nail designs for Summer 2020, and to be honest with you, I wouldn’t leave the house in some of these. They all seem very futuristic which is definitely not in the boho lane. But I can probably pick and choose a couple of these that will go with both the boho vibe that I love and current nail trends for this summer. Here is the full list:

  1. Glitter Tips Nail Trend
  2. Black Stars Nail Trend
  3. Seaglass Nail Trend
  4. Pastel Nail Trend
  5. Multi-Colored Nail Trend
  6. Neon Flame Nail Trend
  7. Black and White Spotted Nail Trend
  8. Logo Nail Trend
  9. Animal Print Nail Trend
  10. Splattered Neon Nail Trend
  11. Glitter Star Nail Trend
  12. Tropical Nail Trend
  13. Wavy Line Nail Trend
  14. Ombré Nail Trend
  15. Chrome Nail Trend
  16. Reverse French Mani Nail Trend
  17. Halo Nail Trend
  18. Negative Space Nail Trend
  19. Mix-Match Nail Trend
  20. Festive Nail Trend

Which one do you love and would definitely do this summer?

Effortless Boho Nails Trends For Summer 2020

I’ve put together a few examples of effortless nails you can achieve this summer without too much fuss, and still stay on trend!

I don’t go to nail salons very often, or should I say never. I really don’t see the point in spending money on well manicured nails when you are a stay at home mom. So these fun designs I could definitely pull off without the help of a nail expert to draw pretty flowers on there. I’m all about easy peasy.

If you want to go to a salon, which I might do once in a blue moon, I would love to try the ombre trend. I love bright colors and glitter and flowers so these designs would definitely be right up my alley.

Best Nail Polish Brands For Summer 2020

Sure, it’s tempting to get the cheap nail polish just because it’s, well cheap. And I am guilty of that myself, been buying cheap nail polish for years. BUT… if you don’t want to damage your nails and have the polish actually last for more than an afternoon – Invest in your nail polish.

There are so many different methods to getting your nails done nowadays – gel, dip, acrylic, etc. For me, I’ve found that regular nail polish chips off my nails pretty much the next day. That’s if I give it enough time to dry and don’t have to attend to the next “mommy task” of the day. When I started working, I went to get my nails done with gel polish and that magical stuff lasted for a good 3 weeks before my nail has grown out too far.

The two most popular and good quality nail polishes that are not gel, would be OPI and Essie (that I know of) – Check out these fun colors for summer:

If you are a gel fan like me – doing this at home is now easier than ever. This set of 20 mini polishes (5ml each bottle) in the perfect summer colors – pastel, neon and glitter should be right up your alley. You also get as a free gift – 3 x No Wipe Base and Glossy & Matte Top Coat ( 7.5ml each bottle). Thatt’s not too shabby for $29.99! With over 2,000 nearly 5 star reviews and an “Amazon’s Choice” sticker, I’d say you wouldn’t be disspointed.

Do Your Gel Mani-Pedi At Home This Summer!

With everything going on in the world, the last thing you probably want to do is go to a salon where someone’s job is to touch your hands (So much for 6 feet apart) – getting your gel nails done from the comfort of your own home is now easier than ever. now that you got your polish kit, all you need is that fancy drying doodad and you are all set.

This Gel UV LED Nail Lamp is only $24.99 and has over 7,000 nearly 5 star rating on Amazon – That’s a crazy steal. I bet you’re already calculating in your head how much money you would be saving. Granted a visit to the nail salon costs about $40 with tip – The Nail lamp and nail polish set cost less than two visits to the salon.

Do your gel nails at home with a gel UV led nail lamp

So whether you are planning on going to a nail salon or getting your nails done at home this year. Stay true to yourself. Don’t follow the trends just to say that you follow the trends – But if what you like just happens to match up with trends, it’s a win win!