Yes, I did it. I went to an all you can drink whiskey event and I survived. This past weekend Mohegan Sun (one of our local casinos here in Connecticut) had their annual Sun Whiskey Union. Basically, a bunch of whiskey vendors get together in one big room and let you try all they have to offer.

Now I know I’m not a whisky drinker, but I am always up for something different, and if I don’t like it, well at least I can say I tried it. And tried it, and then tried it some more, tried it till my throat was burning and my eyes were watering. But gosh darnit I came for the experience and I shall have it.

After about 8 shots I was done. DONE! Well to be honest, some of them were only pouring about a half shot each time so who knows how many I had in total. Surprisingly, I didn’t get drunk. Instead I got a really bad buzz headache.

I was so in my head about how awful everything tasted and constantly worrying that if I took one more shot, my husband would be carrying me out of there that I couldn’t just relax and enjoy myself. I did however enjoy watching people dance. There was a band with 2 ladies that were actually really good, and there’s no better and more entertaining dancer than someone having their mid life crisis and drunk on whiskey.

Even though Whiskey is very much out of my wheel house, there was one brand that I actually kind of liked. And by liked I mean if I had to drink whiskey to save my life, this is the one I’d prefer to drink. It’s called William Wolf, and the reason I liked it was because it came in different flavors, like apple, coffee and peach and the flavors were pronounced enough to notice through the burn and made the shot tolerable.

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On the bright side, I looked pretty dang cute taking those shots of gasoline lol

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