Any mom who has put kids through preschool is familiar with this magical treat. The best part? confuse the hell out of a bunch of 3 year olds! lol Is that real dirt? are those actual worms? omg, I wish I stayed to see the looks on their faces.

If you haven’t heard of “dirt cups with worms”, let me enlighten you. Basically you make some chocolate pudding, layer it with crushed up Oreo cookies and through some gummy worms on top. So easy! looks super cute and the kids devour it. After they’ve been reassured its not real dirt or worms of course.

2 packages of Jell-O chocolate pudding
1 package of Oreo cookies
2 bags of gummy worm
1 pack small plastic cups

The Jell-O pudding was so easy and quick to make – just mix 1 pack with 3 cups milk, whisk, and put in the fridge for 5 minutes. Done!

The Oreos were so much fun! Place the cookies in a ziplock bag, grab a meat tenderizer and go to town! Just remember to hit with the flat side, the pointy side will put holes in the bag and create a big ole mess. Trial and error my friends, just trust me on this one lol.

Do I really need to write directions for how to put gummy worms in cups? I hope not lol

The end result: YUM!!!

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