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When my son Maximus was born, I was ready, well I thought I was. My daughter, who was 3 at the time was such an easy baby, she latched on right away and ate like a champ, she was a great sleeper and only cried when she really needed something, like a diaper change or an extra cookie.

Little Max on the other hand, although a great eater, was somehow never happy. He cried and cried and cried for days and weeks on end, and when he cried he was visibly in pain. He would arch his back and scrunch up his face and scream like the dickens.

Since my daughter was never like that, I was at a loss and had no idea how to handle it or what it could even be. Like having a first baby all over again. We ruled out colic and hunger and any kind of illness. So the next step was to turn to my fellow Facebook mamas, I posted on every single moms group I belonged to and almost every single one of them directed me toward gas. I had a very gassy baby.

The problem – something I was ingesting, since he was strictly booby fed. Many have had to eliminate almost every single food group, we’re talking dairy, soy, wheat and life itself. I thought I would start with just dairy. It seemed like a huge feat since almost every thing I ate had dairy in it, and I LOVE pizza.

Nevertheless, I took on the challenge, I cut out dairy from everything I ate, cold turkey. After all, my sanity depended on it. To my surprise, Max was a completely different baby just 4 days later. Even though I was told that it takes 1-2 weeks for dairy to complete leave your system.

The transformation was amazing, he stopped squirming in pain and crying hysterically for hours, he started sleeping so much better and was overall a much happier baby. He was never tested for a dairy allergy but I didn’t need a test to tell me that his little body was just not able to process dairy that well.

The extra miracle – I felt a thousand times better. No more “digesting” time after meals, no more random stomach aches and uncomfortable bloating. I felt so much lighter… before and after I lost all the baby fat, and then some.

However, I did still dream about the day Max was no longer breastfed, and planned a dairy party, full of pizza and cheesecake (in my head of course). Well around 13 months, Max was finally off the boob and I decided to slowly reintroduce dairy into my diet, because you know, pizza.

little did i know, that adding dairy back into my diet would be a lot harder then getting rid of it. So i made the decision to permanently stay dairy free. I felt and looked better than I ever have my whole life. Thank’s Max.

Luckily for everyone involved Max completely grew out of his dairy intolerance and his favorite food now include Mac+Cheese and pizza, aside from stuffing and smoked salmon of course. Yeah I got a little weirdo on my hands, but he’s my weirdo.

I love sharing my story because I think so many moms go through the same or similar situations and I would like to help them just like other moms have helped me. All the recipes and food experiments I will be posting in the food category are dairy free and I will also be sharing my favorite food products that I use on a daily basis.

Just to be clear though, I am not a doctor, nutritionist, or any other health care professional. I am not an expert on food or the human body. I just know that the less ingredients the better, and if you know what those ingredients are and can pronounce them, that’s a bonus. I’m not perfect and sometimes I cheat, and pay for it with bloating and a stomach ache, but sometimes it’s totally worth it. hahaha but I’m usually mostly dairy free.

It really isn’t as hard as most people think. They make everything dairy free now, dairy free ice cream, dairy free cheese, dairy free yogurt… the possibilities are endless.