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My littlest man turned 2 a few months ago, and like every growing boy who’s the equivalent of a tiny ninja, and who might leap out of his crib at any minute and stick a perfect landing, he needs his very own big boy room. 

Lucky for him, one of my passions just happens to be interior design. So when the idea of completely redecorating an entire room came into play, of course I jumped right on that bad boy. 

We decided to turn the guest room into his room, and the nursery (which housed both kiddos at some point) shall be my office. I’ll actually get to have my very own office, like with a desk and everything. So now not only am I re-designing one new room, but two! yeeeeeeeey!

Max’s complete obsession with dinosaurs has been a huge help, so at least I have a theme to play around with. The room (which used to be purple) is now blue and gray, and a few pieces of furniture (that I will soon share) are put together and impatiently awaiting stuff to be put on them. 

The latest addition – dinosaur pillows – has been extremely successful. What do you do when you have a bunch of old throw pillows that may or may not have come with a couch at some point, and you need new pillows in an entirely new design? duh! get new pillow covers and problem solved. 

I found these adorable throw pillow covers on Amazon from Emvency. One that’s 20×20, gray and white stripe with a big blue dinosaur, and a set of 4 16×16 with similar designs. Made of soft short-pile velvet, these covers are super soft and feel very high quality. There are so many designs to choose from and the dinosaur ones especially are exactly what I was looking for.

Safe to say Max is a fan haha.