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Summer is officially here and so is bathing suit season!!! Time to dust off that ole’ swimsuit drawer and do major inventory. If you’re like me and can never have enough swimsuits, just for funsies. Or think it’s time for some new threads on the beach this year, I am hear to help. Fab Fit Fun has been working hard on their summer trends research and has even enlisted the help of celebrity stylist Samantha Brown, to get you in the know about the top 6 swimwear trends, happening this summer!

1. High Cut Bathing Suits –

A high cut hemline may seem like it’s just showing more skin, but it has a very good reason to. The high cut elongates the leg, creating that long leg illusion that may be perfect for those who have not been blessed in the height department.

2. High Waisted 2-piece Bathing Suits –

The high waisted bottoms have become more than just a way to hide our mama tummies – and into an actual style trend. While they are still a great option for those of us who want a little bit more coverage through the waistline, girls with abs for days have gotten into the high waisted trend and are not turning back.

3. Underwire Bathing Suit –

Well I guess we can’t all be part of the itty-bitty titty committee. Some girls need actual support for their… well girls. For those with lager busts or just someone who wants a little extra support, security and a shaped bosom – the underwire swimsuit top is for you. A tried and true bathing suit trend for all my big boobied ladies.

4. One Shoulder Bathing Suits –

Another comeback kid is making the rounds. The one shoulder swimsuit is meant to draw more attention to your face as well as make a killer fashion statement. Through on a skirt or a pair of shorts and you have the perfect from pool to date night look. (Just make sure to dry it first).

5. Ruffled Bathing Suit –

Now this is the swimsuit for me! The ruffles add much needed volume to the chest area without any additional padding. The ruffles can also add a lighter and more feminine look to an athletic body type, as opposed to a straight lined bathing suit.

6. Sleeved Bikini Top Bathing Suits –

As far as bathing suit trends go, this one’s not going away any time soon. For as long as there is sun, there will be long sleeved swimsuits. Personally I prefer to expose my skin to the harmful sunshine rays, BUT, if you are planning on being in the sun for a very long time and need that extra protection without sweating your armpits off, you will safely still be on trend for this year. Just pretend your a surfer or valley ball player, those guys always look cool.