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I mean seriously, what does one wear to a concert? I guess it really depends on who you are going to see and how old you are, or maybe it’s how old you feel, lol. You see them all, the “I just rolled out of bed and I don’t need to dress for anything” people, and the “I haven’t been out in 15 years, so I’m wearing the hell out of this sequence dress” people. And pretty much everything in between.

One thing’s for sure, you can never beat the good ole jeans, boots and tank top look. Variations apply based on season of course. And here was mine, (It is December after all):

So let’s review… Black jeans, black tank top, black over the knee boots and a little sweater – You can literally wear this to any concert, anywhere, and fit in. It’s casual, but the details in the boots and the sweater still dress it up a bit. Let me explain:

So here’s the outfit from all sides. And there’s that unique detail about the sweater, from the front it seems like a regular off the shoulder sweater, but from the back, surprise, it’s just a knot. The sweater was a Marshal’s find and the tank and jeans i must have had for like 10 years and could not tell you where they came from lol.

Now let’s talk boots. I’ve been on kind of a boot roll lately and have received numerous ShoeDazzle boxes in the last few weeks. I used to buy shoes very rarely, but with my new job (details to follow), I’m finally getting back into fashion after my 2 kid hiatus.

So yes, the boots are from ShoeDazzle, and yes I have a membership. No, I don’t buy shoes every month, I skip most months cause I (like many others) cannot afford $40 shoes once a month. The Lovely part about ShoeDazzle is that you can literally skip every month, the kicker is remembering to do it – There’s a small window, between the 1st and 6th of the month, if you don’t remember to skip it, you get charged the $39.99 anyway and it is applied as a credit to your account.

I’m one of those people who forgets everything ALL THE TIME, somehow this is one thing I’ve always remembered to do, and you receive a reminder email every 1st of the month, so there really is no excuse. But once you are a “VIP”, you get access to all their sales – these boots for example – $20 – not too shabby.

They are so comfortable, and I love the stitching pattern on the back and the little buckle, really gives them a little edge. My latest obsession though is the over the knee part, just makes everything sexier.

One more thing about this concert outfit: ACCESSORIES!

Please ignore my angry stare. hahaha. Those earrings are from the new set I just posted about – The 4 piece rose gold stud set. I just love that they are so different from the usual stud earrings and have such an edge to them, they dress up any outfit.

Posts to come soon about that Nine West watch you see peaking out from under my sleeve and my rose gold rings that bring the whole look together without over doing it.

just one last thing, who’s concert did I go to??? Oh just a lil lady named Mariah Carey!!!! No biggie. I’ve been such a huge fan for decades and have had the pleasure of seeing her perform once in Vegas. This was my second MC concert and even though it was mostly Christmas songs, she did not dissapoint.

Mariah Carey can legit sing the morning news and It will be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard. no lip-syncing, just an amazing voice.

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