The water table folks, that’s what we’re talking about today.

Parents perspective:

You leave it outside and it gets dirty. Then it rains and fills up with dirty water and bugs, some dead and some that were born in that dirty water. Germaphobes’ worst nightmare. Seriously, stop reading now if the previous paragraph made you want to wash your hands with bleach repeatedly.

And then you know what? Your kid is going to stick their hands into that dirty water, and splash, then put toys in there, and splash. Then their clothes are wet, and their faces are wet from that dirty buggy water. I think I’m gonna need a shower just from writing this.

And there’s no way you can leave that water table inside, cause as yucky as it is leaving it outside, no one wants to clean copious amounts of water off your own floor.

Kids perspective:


My son Max is about two and a half and LOVES dinosaurs, takes them everywhere. One of his absolute favorite places to play with said dinosaurs – the water table. That yukky buggy water table that I empty and refill with water everyday.

He’ll stand there for an hour just making them water fight. I’ve never seen anything more peaceful. I don’t have to participate, like at all. I just sit next to him, listening to music and enjoying the breeze.

Totally worth the mess!

That, right there is why you should get your kid a water table.